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Hannah Saunders

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Hannah helps you feel empowered every time you step on to your yoga mat. She encourages her students to practice from within, giving them the time and encouragement to listen to their internal world. This allows them to understand how their external world influences the way they show up on their mat. Hannah truly believes you are your own best teacher. 

Start flowing authentically, and owning your practice. 

Her vinyasa classes will get you thinking, rather than just doing. You will dive deeper into your own practice, having the space to challenge yourself, but also, the support to slow down. Expect to keep working within during her hatha and yin classes; slow down, still the mind and enjoy the journey.

Whether you’re a total beginner or full fledged yoga lover, her classes are tailored to everyone. 

Hannah carved out a path for herself that married her two passions; travel and yoga. Over the years, she has been lucky enough to host retreats and teach yoga in Australia, Italy, UK, Guatemala, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. 

With Hannah, expect to embrace your limitations and rejoice in the beauty of your body.

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