woman sitting cross legged on dark brown floor woman sitting cross legged on dark brown floor

Pranayama Practice

We often take for granted the simple act of breathing. This vital and instinctive action of breathing in and breathing out that sustains our life. In yoga, this prana, or vital life force, is an integral part of the practice and tapping into the full range of benefits that yoga can bring.


Breath of Fire

Take some time to really focus in on the strength of your breath. This simple but powerful pranayama will create fire in your belly and focus in your mind, the perfect combo for feeling strong and in control.

Kapalabhati Pranayama, also known as breath of fire is a strong cleansing breath that can take a little time to get comfortable with. It’s definitely worth the practice though. In Kundalini Yoga, this a foundational breath seen as a key to higher consciousness.

How to Practise Breath of Fire

This strong pranayama practice takes a little while to get used to. If it makes you feel a little light-headed then stop and to start to practise it for just a short amount of time until it feels more natural for you.

Find a comfortable seat. If you do not like sitting cross-legged on the floor then find your way onto a chair. Make sure you are sat tall, shoulders relaxed and eyes closed.

This breath consists of short, sharp breaths through the nostrils with an emphasis on the exhale.

Take a natural breath in and then gently force a short, sharp exhale out.

Allow the breath in to also be short and sharp but with no force, as if the lungs were self-inflating.

Continue to breathe like this. Try and keep the inhale and soft as possible even though it is very short, that way it will feel relaxing and not stressful.

To start with breath like this just for the 30 seconds making sure that when you end you spend a bit time still seated but breathing slowly to rebalance.

In time! increase the amount of time you practise for.