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man cross legged kali mudra man cross legged kali mudra

Kali Mudra

Mudras are the hand gestures used in yoga to facilitate the flow of energy through the body. You already do them in your yoga practice without even knowing! Each time you bring your hands together at the heart in your yoga class you are practising Anjali Mudra!

Kali Mudra is all about invoking the qualities of the amazing Goddess Kali. Kali is the goddess of destruction, a fierce woman with razor shark teeth, a belt of human arms and a necklace of the heads of the evil beings she has conquered. However, she is not as scary as she originally seems! Kali is the destructor of evil forces, a fierce protector of the good in the world, the instigator of positive change and the ability to overcome any obstacle. She means business!

To practise Kali Mudra, start with the hands in Anjali Mudra, our prayer hands. Keep the index fingers together and lace the middle, ring and little finger together. Cross the thumbs.

Why practise Kali Mudra

Using Kali Mudra in your meditation and asana practise is said to...

Cultivate courage

Allow you to feel empowered in your truth

Find the strength to overcome personal challenges

Create space for new opportunities

Embrace your feminine power (even the men!)

Lets put it into practise

Kali Mudra can be used in both your asana practise and meditations. In your physical practice, use your Kali Mudra up towards the sky in your postures to create a feeling of strength and resilience, especially in a challenging practise!

In meditation start with a comfortable seat, bringing your hands into your Kali Mudra with fingers pointing straight in front of you and elbows rested down.

Take a moment to settle into your space and allow your breath to flow freely for a few minutes.

In your mind, think of the environments that you feel most confident in. It doesn’t matter where it is there is no wrong answer. Hold onto that feeling of personal power.

Is there something you currently feel is stopping you from achieving your ultimate goal? Again there is no wrong answer, just recognise it.

Use that feeling you cultivated from before to envision how you could overcome that obstacle and in your mind see it come to life.

When you are ready, open your eyes and go into your day with full strength and courage of Kali beside you!