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Atlas Mountains Summer Yoga Retreat, Morocco – Sold out!

The Atlas mountains are a vast mountain range that spans 2500km across the north of Africa through the countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria and they separate the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline from the Sahara desert. It is a mountain range of diverse terrain, climates and wildlife and it is also inhabited by lots of small Berber villages on the mountainsides and Mount Toubkal is the highest peak at 4167metres  – the almost the same height as Mont Blanc in the Alps which is 4809m and you can climb Mount Toubkal aswell.

The weather there is seasonal with cold winters at around 20 degrees celsius to 7 degrees celsius at it’s lowest and 35 degrees celsius at it’s hottest in June – August.

The best times to go are spring and autumn where it is sunny and dry with some rainfall so that the trees are green but cool enough to enjoy hiking, the stunning views and visiting Berber villages for mint tea and some rug shopping!

In the Atlas Mountains, you will head to our venue, the Kasbah. It is based in the Toubkal National Park and set dramatically below the towering flanks of Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa standing at 4167 metres. Imlil, and its surrounding valleys, are a world apart from the bustle of the city and a place of peace and seclusion. The Kasbah is situated at 1820m and is just 60km from Marrakech.

Fly to Marrakech and arrive and depart at our recommended times so that you can meet the transfers that are included in the price. It is then a 2 hour scenic drive up the mountains to the retreat venue

Yes at this venue it is. Bring a shawl for savasana and general cosyness in downtime

- Hiking boots! NOT trainers
- t-shirts, for daytime hiking - cover the shoulders
- loose trousers or leggings for hiking
- suncream
- packpack
- hat
- sunglasses
- jumpers for the evening

The hikes are of a beginner to low intermediate level for the group hikes. If the group would like a higher level hike this can be discussed and arranged also.

Yes there are at this venue


Atlas Mountains Yogo Holiday Location

Join us in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Stay in this elevated area at the base of Mount Toubkal and see how the local Berber community live. Find out more here.

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