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Top 8 Things to Do in Sri Lanka | Adventure Yogi

Top 8 Things to Do in Sri Lanka


If you’re seeking a destination that seamlessly blends wildlife wonders, lush landscapes, and pristine beaches, look no further than the jewel of the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka! Get ready for an adventure-packed journey as we unveil the top 8 things to do in this paradise on earth.


1. Wildlife Encounters:

Sri Lanka is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true. Head to Yala National Park for a safari extravaganza and meet the locals – elephants, leopards, and a myriad of colorful birds. Don’t forget your binoculars; you’re in for a wild ride!

File:Elephant Herd Yala National Park.jpg

Photo by Abdar, cc by-sa 3.0


2. Tea Plantations:

Di you know Sri Lanka is the world’s 4th largest producer of tea? Escape to the misty hills of Nuwara Eliya and immerse yourself in the charm of the iconic tea plantations. Take a guided tour, pluck your tea leaves, and savour a freshly brewed cuppa while soaking in the breathtaking views. It’s a tea-rrific experience! (excuse the pun).

Here are 5 tea plantations to visit on your next adventure to Sri Lanka:

  1. Pedro Tea Estate
  2. Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantation
  3. Kandy Tea Plantation
  4. Ratnapura Tea Plantation
  5. Ella Tea Plantation
File:Tea plantation Haputale.jpg

Photo by Abdar, cc by-sa 3.0


3. Train Journeys:

All aboard the most scenic train journey of your life! The Kandy to Ella train ride is a mesmerising odyssey through lush mountains, verdant landscapes, and charming villages. Lean out the window, feel the wind in your hair, and let the clickety-clack of the tracks. If you are lucky to explore Sri Lanka by train – we highly recommend it!


4. Beach Bliss:

Unwind on Sri Lanka’s stunning beaches, where golden sands meet turquoise waters. Whether it’s the lively atmosphere of Mirissa, the surfer’s haven of Arugam Bay, or the tranquil shores of Unawatuna, each beach offers a slice of paradise. Grab your sunscreen and dive in!

Our top 5 beaches in Sri Lanka:

  1. Ahangama Beach
  2. Mirissa Beach
  3. Hikkaduwa Beach
  4. Kabalana Beach
  5. Hiriketiya Beach


5. Sigiriya Rock:

Channel your inner adventurer and climb the iconic Sigiriya Rock. Marvel at ancient ruins, intricate frescoes, and panoramic views that’ll leave you breathless. Pro tip: Go early to catch the sunrise – it’s a sight you will never forget!


6. Spice Gardens:

Take a fragrant detour to one of Sri Lanka’s spice gardens. Engage your senses as you learn about the island’s rich spice heritage. From cinnamon to cardamom, let the aromatic symphony transport you to a world of flavour. We highly recommend taking a visit to one of the below spice gardens, not only is the visit calm and relaxing, you will also find amazing spices to bring home to enhance your dishes!

Top 4 spice gardens to check out:

  1. Arunalu Spice Garden
  2. Ranweli Spice Garden
  3. Diana Spice Garden
  4. New Ranweli Spice Garden, Kandy
File:Vanilla planifolia-Sri Lanka (1).jpg

Photo by Ji-Elle, cc by-sa 3.0


7. Galle Fort:

Step back in time as you wander the cobblestone streets of Galle Fort, a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site built in 1588. Explore colonial architecture, quirky boutiques, and charming cafes within the fort’s sturdy walls. It’s a cultural gem with a dash of modern flair. If you love to soak up the culture on your travels, then you must spend some time here.


8. Dambulla Cave Temple:

Unearth the mysteries of the Dambulla Cave Temple, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a spiritual journey you won’t want to miss. It has been a sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries and home to colossal Buddha statues carved into the rock. It is truly a site to behold!


Photo by Lankapic, cc by 2.5


Explore Sri Lanka with us!

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