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Self Care Tips by Adventure Yogi – For You to Use at Home | Adventure Yogi

Self care has been the new buzz phrase. But what does it actually look like?

Eating well, being active, connecting with nature, meditation, regularly unplugging from our digital lives;  these can be part of your approach to practising self care.  We all know spending time nurturing our bodies and minds helps us to feel more content and balanced. Furthermore, the more resilient and able to cope with what life throws at us on tougher days we are, the more balanced we feel.


But what about your home? Is it a serene haven for you to retreat to? Or is what greets you when you open your front door at odds with all the other positive lifestyle choices you’re making?


Think about how much time you spend in your home. The world can feel like a crazy place sometimes, so making your home a safe space where you can disconnect and reset is vital. Perhaps, by making a few small changes to your home, you can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.


Self Care Clear out

It is difficult to focus attention or energy on taking care of yourself, if you’re surrounded by mess and disorganisation. Japanese tidying sensation Marie Kondo has plenty of simple to follow advice on how to declutter our homes and our lives. Essentially, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid! But if the thought of a complete overhaul feels overwhelming, just do it bit by bit. Firstlu, try reorganising your underwear drawer using fabric storages cubes so everything can be seen instantly. Next, perhaps tackle that cupboard under the stairs where everything from the mop to tubes of half-used wrapping paper get stored.

Not only will you create space by getting rid of things you no longer want or use, but everything in your home will eventually have a place making it, and you, more streamlined and efficient.

Let there be light

But, let it be the right kind. Lighting can completely transform the mood of a room, so in spaces where you want to relax and unwind, like a living room or bedroom, switch off bright overhead lighting in favour of soft warm side lights and candles. You could even try fitting a dimmer switch. A Himalayan salt lamp not only gives a room a subtle, pink glow but also purifies the air of contaminants such as dust and pollen. It evem neutralises electromagnetic radiation helping to improve your mood, energy levels, and sleep patterns.


Look to nature

Think about how much better you feel when you go for walk and ‘get away from it all’. Nature is a great healer and feeling connected with it helps to calm and reinvigorate. So, apply the same principles to your home. Fill your home with house plants and fresh flowers, throw open windows and flood it with as much natural light as possible. Essentially, bring the outdoors indoors and notice how much better you feel!

Self Care Soothing Scents

Using essential oils in your home will help to balance, calm and rejuvenate you, and are also great for treating headaches or insomnia. Place diffusers in various areas of your home (they’re safer to use than candles if you have young children). Try Lavender in your bedroom to help you relax and unwind, or invigorating Eucalyptus or Peppermint to get you going in the mornings.


Designate unplugged zones

If you work from home, try to create a work station in one room, and then keep the rest of the house a work-free zone, particularly your bedroom. This means when you do down tools, you can step away and really feel ‘off duty’, without being reminded of any pressing deadlines or work-related anxieties. Similarly, keep screens and gadgets out of the bedroom; this is a place of relaxation.



Our yoga and activity retreats are all about taking time out to invest in yourself-body and mind. We guarantee you’ll come back recharged and refreshed, and having had a great time! Check out our calendar for details of all our scheduled trips.