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How to Survive Christmas – Self Care Tips from Us | Adventure Yogi

Christmas. Some of us love it and some of us can not wait for the whole event to end. It can be magical, wonderful and nurturing but even the lovers of the festive season can still often find it stressful. We understand the impact this time can have on our mental health so here are the top Self Care Tips for Christmas from some of your Adventure Yogi team to help you through it.


Take Time Out

From Amy…

‘My number one self care tip for Christmas is taking time out and most importantly not feeling selfish for taking it! Christmas can often feel overwhelming with people and family as well as everything else thrown in. It is important to occasionally step away from it all. It doesn’t have to be much; sitting by yourself with a cup of tea, a gym session, sneak away for a yoga class. Actually stepping out of a conversation can often be a real act of self care. I think a lot of the stress comes from the intensity of it all so those little moments of quiet to yourself can be the difference between having a lovely day and it all being too much’.


Go With the Flow

From Joki…

Sometimes we over think Christmas and get caught up in the wrong things. It doesn’t really matter about the presents or even the Christmas dinner yet those are the things we worry about most! Try pretending that it isn’t even Christmas and just enjoy time with friends and family. Breathe a bit more deeply, laugh more often and enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest. Go with the flow and whatever happens, happens! If it rains and you planned a walk, don’t get upset and play a game instead. If lunch is running late, it’s OK! Tomorrow, thankfully, is a new day!


Practise Acceptance

From Rosalind…

Acceptance and boundaries are two tools that can help with the stress of having to spend time off over Christmas in ways we might not otherwise choose. There are some things that we can’t change about the people we might have to spend time with. Accepting that X person will ask the questions/make comments that trigger us, can ease the irritation we feel towards them. This doesn’t mean compromising who we are but enables us to save the energy we waste reacting to it. There can be a pressure over Christmas to feel that we have to say yes to every social invitation. Having boundaries means knowing it’s OK to say no to doing something. Not being afraid to re-negotiate social commitments means we can find a way to balance the time and space we need for ourselves, whilst also enjoying quality time with people close to us.

Our Self Care for Christmas Check List


Take your time – there is no need to rush it will all get done (somehow, it always does)

Go with the flow – some things are out of your control and that’s OK!

Remember what really matters – presence not presents!

Take time out when you need it.

Have fun – allow for some games and spontaneity!

Try and get some fresh air – Go for a walk, or just wrap up in blankets in the garden to enjoy your mid morning tea/coffee/mulled wine.

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ – don’t worry about what other people do or have over Christmas.

Disconnect to reconnect – If you know you are guilty of the point above, try a social media detox for the three days of Christmas!

Practise gratitude – this is the perfect time to reflect on all the blessing in your life, perhaps even incorporate in into your day and have everyone write a gratitude list to hang from the tree!

Hydrate – because you know, it always helps.


We wish you a wonderful week in the lead up to Christmas  xxx


Here are a few lovely, simple breathing techniques that may come in useful during your caring ‘Time Out’ sessions –