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Create Your Perfect at Home Yoga Space | Adventure Yogi

Your yoga studio right now is a little closer to home than normal. In fact, it is home! Suddenly our homes have become where we live, socialise, work and exercise – our whole world within its walls. We are loving teaching and guiding you through online yoga classes from our homes too! It feels like another layer of connection, sharing our personal spaces to move and breathe with you from and we want to help you create your perfect at-home yoga space so you feel like you can get the most out of your practice.

Yes, you can just lay a mat down anywhere and get your yoga on but, in a time where our self-care is more important than ever let’s make it special! Here are our top tips.




Choose Your Home Yoga Space

It may seem obvious but start with the ‘where’. You may be fortunate enough to have a home large enough to have a dedicated room as your home yoga space, or even just a quiet corner you can claim as your sanctuary. Most of us, however, will need to share our ‘yoga space’ as a communal room in the home. And that is fine! If that is the case, your bedroom is likely to be the perfect spot. Hopefully, it is somewhere you already feel safe and associate with relaxation. It is somewhere you can close the door and not be disturbed whether that is people or technology!

Our yoga teacher Louise has a beautiful home yoga space. This is also where she teaches her online classes from!



The perfect home yoga space is as clear from clutter as it can possibly be. Firstly, you don’t want to worry about hitting anything as you lift a foot up for your three-legged down dog! Secondly, clutter will draw your gaze and take you attention away. Put away anything from view that takes you away from what you are doing in the moment. That pile of paperwork, the laundry basket, the book you are eager to finish all need to be put aside for a while.


Re- create Your Favourite Studio as a Home Yoga Space

The smell of a scented candle, the statue of Ganesha watching over from the corner and the beautiful wall hanging are all things you can re-create in your home yoga space! Now you have taken away the clutter you can choose the objects that will instead make you feel relaxed. Remember to keep it simple. As you bring something into your sanctuary space ask, does this serve the space positively? How does it make you feel? Instinctively, you will know when you are introducing something with the correct intention.

Light and Sound

Chances are your most memorable place you have practised was outside. Natural light and fresh air have an amazing effect on us both physically and mentally. If possible, allow your mat to face a window so you can see natural light and even better, have the window open so that you can breathe fresh air. In the warmer months, perhaps take your space outside to your garden or balcony! If you are somewhere you can hear a lot of activity, whether that is within your own home or outside, create a playlist of your favourite yoga tunes to play softly in the background while you practise! If you want some inspiration click here to find our yoga teacher Amys’ playlists!

Our Yoga teacher Amy has filled her home yoga space with plants to create a feeling of being out in nature even when it’s raining outside.

Choose Your Mat

Choose a yoga mat that you love. It sounds silly but you will be more likely to turn up to it each day if you have chosen it with a bit of love and care. You can even venture away from the western style mats and check out some beautiful yoga rugs! Here are a few of our favourites!

Jade  – Yoga mats with some great eco credentials! They also last a lifetime if you look after them.

Yoga Matters – These yoga mats grace studios throughout the country! They are budget friendly but don’t sacrifice on quality.

Yoga Rug – There are plenty of beautiful yoga rugs out there! Check out Etsy for some locally hand made ones!



Now you have created your home yoga space, use it! You can check out our pre-recorded yoga sessions to guide you through the perfect at home experience. Click HERE and follow the links.