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7 Things You Must Do In Bali, Indonesia

Ah, Bali – the island of gods, where vibrant culture meets breathtaking landscapes. If you’re dreaming of a tropical escape that combines surf, spirituality and sensational cuisine, look no further. It’s hard to keep the list short, as there are endless things to do and places to explore in Bali, but for now.. here are 7 things you must do in Bali, ensuring your trip is nothing short of magical!


1. Catch the Waves

Bali is a surfer’s paradise, and you can’t visit without catching some waves. Head to Uluwatu for world-class breaks, or if you’re a beginner, Kuta or Canggu Beach offers friendly waves and a lively atmosphere.

If you’re planning to go catch some waves at Uluwatu, check our Bali surf camp’s Ultimate Guide to Surfing Uluwatu – you’ll find all the best information on the area.


2. Temple Time

Uncover the spiritual side of Bali by exploring its ancient temples.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is perched on a rocky outcrop, offering a mesmerising sunset view. It is one of Bali’s pura segara seven sea temples, each of which is said to be seen from the next, forming a protective spiritual chain around the island. If you get a chance to visit, make the most of it by visiting the waterfall on the beach and the holy water cave below the temple.


Uluwatu Temple

Embrace the mysticism and connect with Bali’s rich cultural heritage at Ulutwatu Temple. It is locally known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu – with Luhur meaning ‘something of divine origin’. Captivating Balinese Kecak and fire dance performances are held every evening at a nearby amphitheatre, where a troupe of male dancers descend onto the stage. As the sun goes down, fire becomes a component of the ritual – this is a true cultural experience not to be missed!

File:Pura Luhur Uluwatu 2017-08-17 (34).jpg

Photo by Paskuu, cc by-sa 4.0


Tirta Empul Temple

The Tirta Empul Temple comes highly recommended from us, our guests attend the water purification ceremony whilst on retreat with us. The temple is located 14km North of Ubud and has several holy springs which are said to have been created by The God Indra and believed to be blessed water that could purify those who bathe there. If you are planning a trip to Ubud, add this to your bucket list!


3. Ubud – Wellness Haven

Step into Ubud, the heartbeat of Bali and a sanctuary for wellness lovers. Dive into the sea of emerald rice terraces, a stairway to Zen, and treat yourself to Balinese bliss in local spas. Hang out with cheeky monkeys at the Monkey Forest for a wild twist to your jungle escapade.

Prepare yourself to feel the buzz of Ubud’s vibrant streets, a shopping haven with markets and boutiques that scream “take me home!” Explore the town’s artistic spirit, savour local bites, and dance to the rhythm of Balinese traditions. Ubud is not just a place; it’s a kaleidoscope of adventure, blending culture and nature.


4. Pyramids of Chi

Venture off the beaten path and discover the Pyramids of Chi, an extraordinary healing experience. Nestled in lush surroundings, these unique pyramids offer a sonic journey that rejuvenates mind, body, and soul. A must-visit for those looking to add some holistic healing experiences to their trip. Whether you visit with a group or solo, you can join sound healing, light therapy, cacao ceremonies, breath and voice workshops, spiritual awakening, yoga and more.



5. Culinary Delights – Eat, Pray, Love (your food)

Bali’s culinary scene is a paradise for foodies. Indulge in the freshest seafood at Jimbaran Bay, savour local delicacies at the bustling Ubud Market, or treat yourself to a fine dining experience in Seminyak. Don’t forget to try the infamous Babi Guling – a Balinese-style roasted pork that will tantalise your taste buds and while you’re on a food journey.. why not try out a traditional Balinese cooking class. There is so much to try so check out our Top 9 Places to Eat in Ubud to get you started on your search.



6. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Escape to the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, a masterpiece of ancient agricultural ingenuity and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at the emerald-green fields, take a leisurely stroll, and snap some envy-inducing photos of this iconic Balinese landscape. If you are looking to see these beautiful fields at their greenest, visit in March, August or September.


7. Nusa Penida Island

For a day trip, you must hop over to Nusa Penida Island. This island is home to Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong, where crystal-clear waters meet rugged cliffs, creating a surreal natural spectacle. You can book a private or group tour from Bali to Nusa Penida – you will travel by boat and drive around the island exploring the beaches for the day!


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