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Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning landscapes. Whether you’re looking for a serene, peaceful beach or a stunning, lively one, Sardinia has it all.

Let’s explore the 7 best beaches in Sardinia!


1. Cala Goloritze

Located in the Baunei municipality of Sardinia, Cala Goloritze is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island – and with good reason too. Just look at it, it’s like looking into a whole other world.


*Photo: Yesuitus2001 cc by 2.5

It is the ultimate paradise for nature lovers, surrounded by towering cliffs, making it a secluded spot for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. The only way to reach the beach is by hiking down a steep trail, so get ready to stretch the legs, but the views and scenery make the journey worth it.

2. Cala Luna

If you fancy the east coast of Sardinia, Cala Luna is a must see. With 800 metres of cove and sun kissed sand, you could walk for hours and marvel at the surrounding white cliffs.

File:Cala Luna 2017.jpg

*Photo: Roberto Mura cc by 4.0

This is the perfect beach for the adventurer in you as the best way to reach it is by boat or hike, perfect for a day trip or a hop on hop off cruise. If the legs are up for a trek through the Sardinian landscape then you can opt for a 21km hike there and back from Teletottes or a 12km hike to and from Cala Fuili. Of course, if the beach puts you into a state of relaxation you can opt for the boat back to Cala Gonone.

3. La Pelosa

Next stop, the northwestern coast of the island to La Pelosa – one of the most photographed beaches in Sardinia. If you are looking for a small beach, this is the spot, as it only stretches around 300m. It’s the perfect spot for water sports adrenaline junkies, so get ready for swimming, paddle boarding, snorkelling and kayaking and witness the incredible marine life.

File:La Pelosa beach, north Sardinia (Italy) (24167750496).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

*Photo: Tommie Hansen cc by 2.0


4. Chia Beach

Chia Beach is a stunning stretch of white sand located on the south coast. Surrounded by rolling dunes, it is perfect for catching some sun and relaxing with a good book. If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram shot – head behind the beach where you will find a lagoon filled with pink flamingos! As if that wasn’t enough you can pop into Baia Chia Restaurant to try out the authentic Sardinian cuisine.

File:Chia beach, Sardinia, Italy.jpg

*Photo: Marco Molino cc by 2.0


5. Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu is an absolute paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, located in the Gulf of Orosei. It is truly captivating and a site to behold if you get the chance to visit.

File:Cala Mariolu 2012.jpg

*Photo: Roberto Mura cc by-sa 3.0

It’s not the easiest to access but we have some options for you. You can make the journey by boat from Cala Ganone or Santa Maria Navarrese – either private or a choice of chartered boat services which all vary in prices. If you are a confident hiker, and we mean confident, you can make the journey on foot from Località Piredda on a 12km round trek through the picturesque terrain. We love a challenge as much as the next person but we definitely recommend returning by boat as the return journey is a tough one. 


6. Cala Sisine

Located on the east coast and once a hiding spot for World War II boats and submarines (if history is your thing) – Cala Sisine is adored by tourists and the locals.

File:Cala Sisine.jpg

*Photo: Claire Rowland cc by 2.0

You will find shimmering turquoise waters, a mix of sand and pebbles and a breathtaking rugged landscape. We recommend bringing a packed lunch because you will not want to leave this spot once you arrive so get ready to immerse yourself in peaceful and serene vibes for the day and soak up all the natural beauty Sardinia has to offer.

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*All images featured are taken from Sardinianbeaches.com