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Staying Healthy While You Travel – Our Top Tips | Adventure Yogi Staying Healthy While You Travel – Our Top Tips | Adventure Yogi

Staying Healthy While You Travel – Our Top Tips | Adventure Yogi

Staying healthy while on holiday is challenging for most of us

Unwinding with drinks by the pool, and trying out different local foods, of course, it’s hard to resist melting crispy sundaes under the sun, we’re only human! If you find yourself gaining extra pounds while on vacation and falling off your regular healthy routine, these tips will help you stay on track this summer.


1. Plan Ahead

Before travelling, read up on the local area on websites such as Tripadvisor. Check out restaurants around the area, and find out whether your hotel has a gym to stay active. If not, bring along a light yoga mat and visit YouTube on your laptop for quick workouts to get your heart pumping. (I follow Yoga with Adriene, she’s great!)

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2. Keep Healthy Snacks at Hand

Stock your hotel mini fridge with healthy snacks like apples, bananas, dried fruit mix, water, organic oats, and yoghurt. Take some healthy bars with you on the go (Nakd, 9 Bar, Clif) are all delicious and won’t do too much damage with the sugar content!

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3. Explore the Area on Foot

Instead of taking a cab or bus, go for a nice walk! That way you get some exercise and help burn off the excess calories from last night’s creamy pasta and chocolate brownie ice-cream dessert.

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4. Sharing is Caring

I find it difficult when choosing dessert at a restaurant, they all sound so good! Instead of indulging in that oven-baked apple pie all by yourself, ask for extra spoons and share with your family and friends. And hey, maybe you’ll get a bite of their banana split, too!

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5. Eat Your Vegetables

When ordering your meal, make sure to order extra vegetables either with it or on the side. You’ll have less room for the unhealthy decisions you’re planning on making later! And why not indulge in a fruit salad for dessert?

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And finally, don’t worry if you don’t follow your usual healthy diet. Try to make the best food choices you can, but most importantly, ENJOY yourself!

If you want to go on a holiday without worrying about making healthy choices, travel with us! Our vitality food chefs come on all our retreats and prepare the most beautiful healthy feasts, as well as yoga twice daily, you’ll come home fitter than when you left! Check out our calendar!